Monday, April 5, 2021

Because of Biden…Bibi

Dispassionate analysis of the political deadlock in Israel will reveal that this state of suspended political animation is the result of nothing more than what the Jewish sages designated as “baseless hatred” among Jews.

...take, for example, the vaccinations. Today he [Netanyahu] holds a press conference and declares there are vaccines. 27 countries, in Europe alone, signed with Pfizer, and there are other countries like Australia—we are in 35th place [but] he holds a press conference and deceives the public. He [Netanyahu] claims that they will arrive in January. Maybe a box of 5 vaccines, at most, will arrive—the rest will arrive after all the other countries receive them…This is how to lose public trust by lying to the public on matters of life and death—Yair Lapid in How Yair Lapid become the Best PR for the Likud (Hebrew), Channel 12, November 13, 2020.

I should like to direct a question to Prime Minister Netanyahu: “Mr. Netanyahu I would like an answer to one question: “Why don't you tell the truth about the vaccines”. We are mature grown-ups. Even if the truth is unpleasant, we will be able to deal with it. We can deal with disappointments, with difficulties- as long as we are told the truth. We understand that it is hard to obtain vaccines. There is no reason to lie! When you say something the citizens of Israel want to believe you. So they will wait for the vaccines in January…and they will not’t arrive—Yair Lapid in Yair Lapid was right; the vaccines did not arrive in January (2021), they arrived in December (2020), Facebook December 9, 2020.

Israeli voters have just gone to the polls for the fourth time in two years.

As in the previous three rounds—these elections were conducted less over substantive ideological differences on domestic or foreign policy, and more over the political fate of incumbent Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

As the pre-election polls predicted, the electorate proved to be almost equally divided between two irreconcilably inimical factions--virulent “anyone-but-Bibi” opponents of Netanyahu on the one hand, and ardent “only-Bibi” proponents, on the other. READ MORE