Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Satellite photos show Iran expanding ballistic missile production

Recent satellite imagery shows major expansions at two key Iranian ballistic missile facilities that two American researchers assessed are for boosting missile production, a conclusion confirmed by three senior Iranian officials.

The enlargement of the sites follows an October 2022 deal in which Iran agreed to provide missiles to Russia, which has been seeking them for its war against Ukraine. Tehran also supplies missiles to Yemen’s Houthi rebels and the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah, both members of the Iran-backed “Axis of Resistance” against Israel, according to US officials.

Since October 8, Hezbollah-led forces in Lebanon have attacked Israeli communities and military posts along the border on a near-daily basis, while the Houthi rebels have attacked commercial vessels sailing through the Red Sea and launched missiles and drones at Israel, in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza during the ongoing war. READ MORE