Tuesday, July 9, 2024

IDF demolishes 6 Gaza City tunnels, including Islamic Jihad’s ‘flagship’ passageway

Israeli troops operating in Gaza City’s eastern Shejaiya neighborhood have demolished six Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad tunnels amid the latest raid there, launched less than two weeks ago, the Israel Defense Forces said Tuesday.

At least three more tunnels have been located and were in the process of being mapped out and demolished, military sources said.

One of the destroyed tunnels is considered by the IDF to be Islamic Jihad’s “flagship” tunnel in Gaza City.

The recently discovered 2.5-kilometer (1.5-mile) tunnel was used by the terror group for command and control, according to military assessments.

Troops found laptops, weaponry, and intelligence material inside, indicating it was still being used by the terror group recently.

The operation carried out by the 98th Division in Shejaiya, launched on June 27, came after the IDF said it had identified Hamas operatives regrouping in the area, as well as new intelligence on the terror group’s existing infrastructure. WATCH