Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Hezbollah releases video it says shows surveillance of Golan Heights

Lebanon's Hezbollah published an almost 10-minute video on Tuesday showing footage of 17 military sites in the Golan Heights, which it said had been gathered by the armed group's surveillance aircraft.

The video is the second episode in a series intended to show how far Hezbollah's surveillance of Israel has reached as tensions mount over Israel's war against Hamas in Gaza and over frequent exchanges of fire across Lebanon's border with Israel.

The Iran-aligned group published a more than nine-minute video in June of what it said was surveillance footage of locations in Israel, including the city of Haifa's airport and sea ports.

"Publishing this video sends a clear message to the enemy and its army," said Hezbollah media relations officer Muhammad Afif.

"The importance stems from demonstrating our technical and technological capabilities in the field of surveillance and obtaining necessary information we need in times of war," Afif added. READ MORE