Sunday, September 12, 2021

Bennett calls for action now, as IAEA chief heads to Iran in last-ditch effort to save JCPOA

International Atomic Energy Agency Director-General Rafael Grossi arrived in Tehran on Saturday for talks to reinstate the nuclear watchdog’s ability to monitor the Iranian nuclear program, as efforts to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear deal hang in the balance.

Grossi’s quick trip comes days after Iran has denied the IAEA access to its remote surveillance equipment, as well as an IAEA report that Iran continues to almost totally stonewall the agency’s inquiry, which began in 2018, into nuclear materials found at undeclared sites.
It also comes a day before an IAEA Board of Governors meeting, at which Western states are considering condemning Iran in response to the report.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said on Friday that the IAEA report indicates a need for the world to immediately act against Iran, and that “Israel will do everything to prevent Iran from attaining nuclear weapons.”
“Israel views with utmost gravity the picture of the situation reflected in the report, which proves that Iran is continuing to lie to the world and advance a program to develop nuclear weapons, while denying its international commitments,” he stated.
Bennett called for “an appropriate and rapid international reaction to the severe actions of Iran.” READ MORE
“The IAEA report warns that the time to act is now. Therefore, the naive expectation that Iran will be prepared to change its path via negotiations has been proven to be baseless,” he added. “Only a vigorous stand by the international community, backed up by decisions and actions, will be able to lead to a change by the regime in Tehran, which has lost all restraint.”
Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh tweeted, “Outlaw Israeli regime – sitting on illicit nukes & refusing to join NPT - again threatens NPT member Iran; a nation with the world’s most inspected nuclear program. READ MORE