Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Hezbollah publishes footage of dozens of sensitive Israeli sites

The Hezbollah terror organization on Tuesday afternoon published aerial footage of sites in the Golan Heights.

According to Hezbollah, the video clip was filmed by a UAV which crossed into Israel and returned to Lebanon.

The nine-minute-long video clip, which was approved for publication by the censors, appears to show a list of military bases and security facilities in the region.

Hezbollah has claimed that the footage also shows staging grounds for soldiers in the Galilee and Hermon areas, as well as listening sites used by IDF intelligence on the Lebanese border, military bases in the Golan Heights, and Iron Dome batteries.

On June 18, Hezbollah released a 10-minute video showing an aerial reconnaissance sortie carried out by a UAV over the Haifa Bay area. The video shows several locations, including the Rafael complex, the civilian and military ports of Haifa, Haifa Airport, and sections of the Krayot cities.

Hezbollah carefully analyzed the material throughout the film, identifying and pinpointing important potential targets and locations. Israel National News - Arutz Sheva