Monday, September 18, 2023

Min. Levin: The Supreme court is above the government, even above the will of the people

Justice Minister Yariv Levin gave an interview to CBS’ “60 Minutes”, which aired on Sunday night, as part of a feature which dealt with the protest movement against the government’s proposed judicial reforms.

Levin told interviewer Lesley Stahl that he respects the demonstrator’s right to protest, but they should also remember that the present government won the election.

“No democracy can accept a situation where the government, the elected government that has a majority in the parliament, will be unable to pass any bill and to do anything because there are protests, because there are some people that are against it,” he said.

Asked about the government being “the most right-wing government that Israel has ever had”, Levin replied, “And I'm proud to be part of that government, and I think that's what Israelis wanted to see.”

He also stated that “that the vast majority of the members of parliament that support this government stand firmly behind democratic and liberal principles” when asked by Stahl about ministers “who have made openly racist and homophobic statements.”

Levin disputed Stahl’s assertion that the judicial reform would allow the government to overrule the court. READ MORE