Sunday, November 20, 2022

Netanyahu to Republican Jewish Coalition: PA wants a state instead of Israel

Prime Minister-designate spoke at the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) political conference by video Saturday night.

During his address, Netanyahu called the disputes between the Israeli government and the Biden Administration "within the family" and compared them to disputes Israel has had with past Democratic and Republican administrations.

"I've had the privilege of dealing with several American presidents and I can tell you even though there were occasional differences - by the way with Republican and Democratic presidents - I value the constancy of the American-Israeli alliance because it is a partnership between peoples," he said.

He complimented former president Donald Trump, who also addressed the conference, and said: "“I was tremendously fortunate to have, finally, an American administration under President Trump who agreed with [my] policy" on Iran and the prospect for peace with other countries in the Middle Easy separate from the peace process with the Palestinian Authority.

Netanyahu said that the PA is not interested in peace with Israel. "The Palestinians didn’t want and don’t want peace with Israel. They want a peace without Israel. They don’t want a state next to Israel, they want a state instead of Israel.”