Saturday, November 19, 2022

China Operates Police Stations in the US, FBI Chief Admits

China has created stealthy police stations in the United States to extend its control over the growing population of Chinese students, visa workers, legal immigrants, and illegal migrants living in the United States.

“We are aware of the existence of these stations,” FBI Director Christopher Wray told a Senate hearing on Thursday. He continued:

I have to be careful about our specific investigative work but, to me, it is outrageous to think that the Chinese police would attempt to set up shop in New York, let’s say, without proper [legal] coordination. It violates sovereignty and circumvents standard judicial law enforcement cooperation.

The reason this is so important is because we have seen a clear pattern of the Chinese government, the Chinese Communist Party, exporting their repression right here into the U.S. We’ve had now a number of indictments as you may have seen of the Chinese engaging in uncoordinated law enforcement actions right here in the United States, harassing, stalking, surveilling, blackmailing people who they just don’t like or disagree with the [Chinese President Xi Jinping] regime READ MORE