Monday, September 20, 2021

Watch: Netanyahu mocks Biden

Israeli Opposition Leader Benjamin Netanyahu poked fun at President Joe Biden Sunday, alluding to video footage which seemingly showed the president nodding off during his recent meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

During a Facebook Live video chat with supporters Sunday, Netanyahu discussed Bennett’s meeting with Biden late last month, and mentioned Biden’s body language during the meeting.

“I heard that Biden was very attentive – he was very attentive during the meeting,” Netanyahu joked, imitating Biden by holding his head down.

“He lowered his head in agreement,” Netanyahu continued.

Footage of Biden during the August 2021 meeting went viral, with many claiming that Biden had fallen asleep during his meeting with Bennett, while some present in the room argued that Biden in fact appeared to be listening closely to Bennett’s comments.

The Likud issued a statement Sunday night regarding the video and coverage of Netanyahu's comments, saying: "Despite the distorted image created in the media, former Prime Minister Netanyahu did not criticize President Biden, whom he has known and respected as a friend of Israel for some 40 years."

"His criticism was aimed only at Naftali Bennett, who spoke at length but said nothing."