Tuesday, January 12, 2021

J Street wants Biden to reverse major Trump policies on Israel

New Israel Fund and J Street logoss

J Street is calling on Joe Biden to reverse many of the Trump administration’s moves concerning Israel and the Middle East including taking President Donald Trump’s Mideast peace plan off the table and a stop to making peace without getting the Palestinians involved.

Haaretz has learned that the organization “prepared a set of policy recommendations for the...Biden administration that are based on adopting a fresh approach toward the conflict, going beyond what previous administrations have attempted. The group argues in the policy agenda document, obtained by Haaretz, that this approach begins with reversing much of the Trump administration’s moves over the past four years.”

“As we look forward to the Biden administration taking office... J Street has engaged with a wide range of stakeholders and policy professionals to exchange views on policy recommendations and proposals,” J Street Director of Communications Logan Bayroff said when asked for comment (…) It also hopes the Biden White House will restore the prohibition on funding for joint U.S.-Israeli scientific research at Israeli institutions located in the West Bank.

And of course, it wants the U.S. to open an independent U.S. diplomatic mission to the Palestinians in Jerusalem, separate from the U.S. Embassy, and urges Biden to declare an American intent to open a U.S. embassy for a Palestinian Arab state in East Jerusalem following a negotiated end to the conflict.

It also wants Biden to dump the Trump approach of negotiating a peace between Israel and any Arab state interested in peace without going through the Palestinians first.

The BDS-supporting J Street doesn’t care that the approach they are pushing doesn’t work.

When President introduced the “deal of the century,” A plan designed to make peace between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs, it was more than a peace plan because, in a way, it “set up” the Palestinians. Trump knew the deal could have two results, peace or increasing the Gulf State’s frustration with the Palestinians.

Trump correctly figured out that the moderate Arab States were tiring of the Palestinian Arab refusal to even try to make peace. They were tired of carrying the Palestinians, and many of the moderate states were already dealing with Israel behind the scenes. The ones already working with Israel were the Sunni-led states such as the UAE, Bahrain, Sudan (and the Saudis) because of their fear of Shia Iran.

By pulling out of the Iran nuke deal (the JCPOA) and pressuring Iran with increased sanctions, Trump proved to the Sunni countries that, unlike Obama, he had their back against Iran.

J Street’s “advice” to Biden is additional proof they don’t seem to care about peace or Israel.    READ MORE