Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Haters won’t be swayed, but Hamas lies about Gaza hospital blast are being exposed

As the fog of war begins to lift, or rather the heavy layer of Hamas disinformation, it appears increasingly clear that it was not a hospital that was hit in Gaza but a hospital parking lot, that the death toll was likely in the dozens not the hundreds, and that the culprit was not the IDF but a faulty rocket fired by Islamic Jihad.

And that Hamas knew this very quickly, and nevertheless worked very quickly to disseminate the “Israel to blame” narrative.

It was right and necessary for the IDF to thoroughly investigate before Spokesman Daniel Hagari stated definitively — albeit more than three hours after the blast at Gaza’s al-Ahli hospital — that Israel was not responsible for the horrifying death and destruction there on Tuesday night, and vital, many hours later, that he held an English-briefing and released materials to underpin the Israeli account.

“They shot [the rocket] from the cemetery behind the hospital,” an alleged Hamas member tells another in a call intercepted by the IDF and released by Hagari. “And it misfired and fell on them.” READ MORE