Saturday, September 2, 2023

Police say Tel Aviv clashes between Eritrean groups finally ‘under control’; 140 hurt

Liran, an owner of a business near this morning’s clashes in Tel Aviv, tells the Ynet news site that the scene was “a warzone” when he arrived.

“Our businesses, which we pay for with a lot of money, blood, and sweat, fight every day and look what happens. There is no governance. We need to leave everything and come here on Shabbat because of the riots,” he says.

“We have been warning for two years south Tel Aviv is under attack. From drug addicts to break-ins, thefts,” he states, adding that he has informed police of such incidents but nothing has changed.

“We have no security here today. I feel that I am in South America — scared and looking behind me. Today was like this, the same thing. It can’t be that we served in the army, we learned, serve the country, love the country, pay taxes and in the end we get our businesses ruined, it’s simply a waste,” he says.