Friday, June 23, 2023

Netanyahu praises Jenin drone strike: 'We settled the score with the element of surprise'

Prime Minister Netanyahu on Thursday commented on the Wednesday night drone strike against a terror cell in Jenin.

"We always surprise, we always change the equation against the terrorists. We did this in the recent operation in Gaza, and we did it again in Jenin," the Prime Minister stated in a video.

"The cell that was eliminated was eliminated by an unmanned aircraft. This cell carried out several terror attacks and was about to execute another, but we settled the score with a surprise," explained Netanyahu.

He concluded: "I want to congratulate the Military Intelligence Directorate, the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet), and the IDF on a precise execution. We will continue to work with initiative, innovatively, and with surprise, and we will win."

As reported, on Wednesday night, an IDF drone struck a vehicle carrying a terrorist cell that had just carried out a shooting attack at the Jalameh checkpoint and was responsible for previous shooting attacks. The strike was the first of its kind in several years.