Monday, March 12, 2018

Netanyahu: Iran must be stopped

The three biggest threats facing Israel are “Iran, Iran, Iran”, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said in an interviewed which aired Sunday night on Fox News Channel’s “Life, Liberty & Levin”.
“Iran is trying to build an empire. An aggressive empire,” he warned, adding, that Iran’s leaders are “trying to conquer the rest of the Middle East with a view ultimately of dominating the world.”
“Ultimately they wanted to get a great state…but they also want to develop nuclear weapons. And I think that has to be stopped. And I see eye-to-eye with President Trump on that and I think he’s done a major change in American policy to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons. Can you imagine a radical Islamic regime, with ICBMs, sponsoring terrorist groups and having atomic bombs?” added Netanyahu.
Iran with nuclear weapons would be “a probable danger and not only to Israel, but to America, to the entire world. And by the way, you know who agrees with me on that? Just about everyone in the Middle East. Just about all the Arab governments. It’s a big change. So I think this is the number one challenge that we have,” he explained.
“Everybody said after the nuclear deal that Iran, you know, coming out of the gate, would be a more moderate, more peaceful country. The exact opposite has happened. They use the relief of sanctions to get billions and billions of dollars, which they use to fund this aggressive empire; to fund terror worldwide. To fund aggression. And I think it’s important to prevent them from continuing these malevolent acts,” the prime minister said.
“And above all, I think it’s critical for the security, not only of Israel, but of the world, to prevent this rogue Islamic terrorist-sponsoring regime from having nuclear weapons. You can see on the other side of the world what a rogue regime with nuclear weapons does. Well, multiply that 30 times and you’ll get the danger of Iran. Iran must be stopped,” he continued.
Netanyahu also discussed the change in attitude towards Israel by the Gulf states, saying, “There are two processes; one is they recognize that Israel is not a threat; that actually, they're a vital ally to counter the Iranian any threat.” READ MORE