Monday, October 16, 2017

Saudis Hail Trump’s Iran Policy Shift

TEL AVIV — Media outlets in Saudi Arabia on Saturday praised U.S. President Donald Trump’s policy speech on Friday about the nuclear deal with Iran.
The London-based international Saudi publication Asharq Al-Awsat gave Trump’s speech the headline, “Trump shakes nuclear deal with Iran … and punishes its regional conduct.” The newspaper noted that the American president demanded a change to the agreement and even indicated it may be canceled while stating that he has ordered that steps be taken to punish Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps.
The newspaper Riyadh ran a piece stating, “The kingdom supports Trump’s strategy towards Iran’s aggressive policies. The American withdrawal dooms the nuclear agreement with Tehran.”
The widely-read newspaper Okaz blasted the headline, “Riyadh and Washington, Coordination and Cooperation … Breaking the Independence of the Ayatollah’s in Qom.”
The newspaper opined that Trump’s comments were a message to the Iranian regime that the era of Iranian terror is over and the Trump administration will repel Iran’s threats and force it to change its policies, especially those of the Revolutionary Guards.
However, media outlets supporting Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood tried to claim that only Israel and Saudi Arabia are happy with the new direction of American policy. The reference to Israel was clearly intended to hurt Saudi Arabia, Qatar’s rival. READ MORE