Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Who are you, Ari Harow?

Ari Harow, an American-born religious Zionist who has worked for many years with Netanyahu and is considered to be his closest confidant, signed a deal last week with the State Prosecutors office to become a state witness.
The brilliant young man moved from relative obscurity to the center stage, and is now a significant part of one of the country's biggest news stories.
Harow, who had always been careful to remain "behind the scenes" throughout his years of public service, has now been thrust to the center of a media circus. Conversations that Arutz Sheva had with some of his friends offers a glimpse into the life of former Netanyahu Chief of Staff turned political consultant, who until a few years ago seemed a rising star in Israel's public service.
Ari Harow was born in 1973 in Los Angeles, the second child of Glenda and Dr. Ed Harow, a religious American Jewish couple who had first met at the local Bnei Akiva youth group. Ari has three biological siblings, along with three adopted brothers. His paternal grandfather was one of the outstanding leaders in the Jewish community and a successful businessman in the medical field, having served as president of both the Hillel school where Ari studied as a child, and of a synagogue in Beverly Hills. READ MORE