Sunday, August 6, 2017

North Korea threatens to ‘end the US’ as UK warns Kim Jong-un’s nuclear provocations could be ‘catastrophic’

NORTH Korea has threatened to “end” the US in its latest war-mongering rant.
The B-1 bombers were escorted by South Korean fighter jets as they performed a low-pass over an air base near the South Korean capital of Seoul last month.
But Kim Jong-un’s media branded the move a “hysteric fit” and warned against such “provocations”.
North Korea’s KCNA news agency ranted: “The day the DPRK is provoked means the end of the US.”
An editorial said: “Every minute and every second, the new reality that US mainland is on the knife’s edge of life and death is forcing US administration to wave a white flag and fundamentally change her North Korea policy.
“If the US still refuses to accept such a realistic demand and doggedly pursue hostile policy against North Korea in order to save face, she will receive unexpected ‘gift packages’ which we will continue to send.”
It is believed the so-called “gift packages” are nuclear missiles. READ MORE