Friday, August 4, 2017

Iran: Soldiers Gloat About Murdering Americans as Trump Reluctantly Recertifies Nuclear Deal

Troops from state sponsor of terrorism Iran bragged about killing hundreds of Americans as U.S. President Donald Trump begrudgingly re-certified the controversial nuclear accord struck by his predecessor.
Soon after signing the nuclear agreement in July 2015, former President Barack Obama conceded that Iran would likely use sanction relief funds linked to the deal to enrich some of its proxies, including those who have American blood on their hands.
“America has suffered more losses from us than we have suffered losses from them,” gloated Brig. Gen. Esmail Qaani, the deputy commander of Iran’s Quds Force (QF), the paramilitary arm of the elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), reports the Middle East Institute (MEI), citing Iran’s semi-official Tasnim News Agency.
Michael Rubin, a former Pentagon official who specializes in the Middle East and now works at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), recently penned an article highlightingthe Iranian general’s comments, delivered before an assembled group of Iranian veterans from the ongoing war in Iraq and Syria.
“This, of course, is not only a confession but also outright bragging about how the Qods Force murdered Americans in Iraq. It was the Qods Force, after all, that smuggled in explosively-formed, armor-penetrating projectiles into Iraq for insurgents to incorporate in improvised explosive devices,” notes Rubin, alluding to the Iranian general’s remarks. READ MORE