Tuesday, August 1, 2017

EXCLUSIVE – Al Aqsa Mosque Chief Preacher Warns Temple Mount Tensions Not Over Yet

TEL AVIV — Leaders of the Waqf and Muslim figures in Jerusalem are waiting for a report from a special committee of engineers and inspectors commissioned to determine what so-called damages Israel may have caused to the Temple Mount complex during the two weeks Muslim worshipers were absent from the site.
Israel reportedly only placed the detectors and high-tech cameras at the entrances to the Temple Mount and not on the actual complex itself or inside any mosques. Yet the Waqf has been claiming that it needs to investigate whether Israel damaged mosques on the Mount, especially the Al Aqsa Mosque.
Muslims here boycotted the Mount after Israel installed metal detectors at the entrances to the site, claiming the security arrangements were part of an Israeli conspiracy to hamper Muslim worship on the Mount. Israel’s security measures were put into place as a direct response to a Palestinian terrorist attack on the Mount earlier this month in which three assailants somehow smuggled weapons onto the site. Israel removed all newly installed measures following two weeks of violent protests. READ MORE