Wednesday, July 12, 2017

US Senate to hold a hearing today on cutting off aid to Palestinian Authority

A 20 year old Israeli soldier has been injured in a car ramming attack in the West Bank. The terrorist was shot and killed at the scene after he lunged at security forces with a knife.
– The United States and Russia have successfully negotiated a ceasefire in southern Syria. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said, “This must not open the way for Iran’s entrenchment.”
– Palestinian President Abbas and Egyptian President Sissi held a meeting in Cairo this week. Abbas reportedly was “seeking clarifications” on the emerging arrangement between Hamas and Mohammad Dahlan, who appears to have Egypt backing him.
– The Hamas terror group is reportedly upgrading their security presence along the Gaza Strip border with Egypt, following a recent ISIS attack in the Sinai Peninsula.
– The Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu read biblical verses — evidence of the Jewish connection to Hebron — in response to a controversial UNESCO decision to recognize the old city of Hebron as a Palestinian world heritage site.
– The U.S. Senate is going to be holding a hearing on Wednesday to consider implementing an act that would cut American funding to the Palestinian Authority for providing financial support to terrorists. READ MORE