Thursday, July 20, 2017

Frank Gaffney: McMaster, Tillerson, Mattis Desperate to Preserve Nuclear Deal Despite Iran’s Lack of Compliance

Center for Security Policy President Frank Gaffney joined SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Wednesday’s Breitbart News Daily to discuss President Trump’s new sanctions on Iran even as it recertifies Iranian compliance with the nuclear deal and what Marlow described as the West’s underestimation of the “clear threat sharia poses to the rest of the world.”
Gaffney joked that the latter question was terrific, and he found it bracing to discuss such a huge and complex issue so early in the morning.
“My answer to this is, the thing that’s mostly missing is an appreciation that inherent in this totalitarian ideology, if you will, of sharia is supremacism,” Gaffney said. “It’s not just somebody else has got different values than we do. It’s that the values that those – and it’s not all Muslims, let’s be clear, but an awful lot of them, including the authorities of the faith who believe that they must impose sharia worldwide, are imbued with this idea that it doesn’t matter what our values are. They’re going to be subordinated to their program – their system, their totalitarian, brutally repressive, anti-woman, anti-homosexual, anti-Jew, on and on, horrifically anti-constitutional agenda.”
“That’s the thing that I think is most missing at the moment. When you combine it with the fact that behind that sharia supremacism is now increasingly the explicit threat that if we don’t accommodate them, there will be violence. You’ve got a lot of people saying, ‘Well, you know, I’m just going to give this a miss. I’m going to look the other way. I’m going to pretend it’s not a problem.’ It’s a huge problem, and it’s not just someplace else,” he warned. READ MORE