Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Putin is drowning in Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin's Syrian gambit was a fatal mistake that may soon destroy Russia and Putin himself. Putin’s strategy in Syria makes the Titanic look watertight.
It’s gotten so bad for Putin in the Syrian quicksand that a Russian analyst, Leonid Issaev, who actually lives in Russia, just published an article in al-Jazeera entitled, “Russia is at a dead-end in Syria, Russia is struggling and failing to find a way out of the Syrian quagmire.” Mr. Issaev’s thesis is that “the Kremlin’s gamble to use the conflict in Syria to normalize relations with the West after the disaster in Ukraine is not paying off. Moscow is appearing to be stuck in Syria, entangled in Damascus’ and Tehran’s desperate plots.”
For a Russian analyst living in Russia to openly declare Putin’s Syria policy a “dead-end” without fearing for his life shows how truly dire the Syrian situation is for Putin.
I, however,wouldn’t say Putin has hit a “dead-end.” I would say that it is much worse, in fact, a potentially fatal, disaster for Putin and Russia that is worsening by the day.
Putin has been geo-strategically reduced to being a pawn of the two greatest sponsors of state terrorism and genocidal war criminals on the planet earth today, Assad and Iran.
This result was predictable - and was predicted right here on Arutz Sheva, where President Putin was warned in my articles that his policies in Syria were going to be fatal.
On December 7, 2015, over a year and a half ago, when everyone was writing about Putin’s “Victory in Syria,” I wrote, “Putin has checkmated himself into a lose-lose Syrian debacle, There is no way Putin can come out a winner in the situation he has created for himself.”
In this article I essentially warned Putin he was winning Syria for Iran, the world’s greatest terrorist state, not for mother Russia. READ MORE