Friday, June 30, 2017

John Bolton: Instability from Venezuela Could Spread Throughout the Region

Former U.N. ambassador John Bolton appeared on Thursday’sBreitbart News Daily to talk about the Supreme Court’s opinion on President Trump’s immigration order, the White House warning to Syria on chemical weapons, North Korea’s claim that President Trump’s “American First” platform is “a version of Nazism,” and the collapse of Venezuela.
Bolton said he was not surprised that the Supreme Court settled a fairly straightforward procedural issue in Trump’s favor by unanimous consent, overruling blocks imposed by lower court judges.
“Normally in that kind of opinion, they’re not very long. It’s either yes or no, they’re going to issue a stay or they’re not. They came to the right result, allowing – and unanimously, as you say – Trump’s executive order to go into place,” he told SiriusXM host Alex Marlow, taking this as a good omen that a full Supreme Court decision will also uphold the immigration order.
“It’s interesting, I thought, that there was a concurring opinion by the three most conservative justices saying they didn’t even need to get to the next step, they were ready to uphold the president’s authority just on the record before them,” he added. “It means there are three votes certain when they argue this case in October, and however long it takes to get decided, but Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Kennedy are still up in the air.”
“I think it was a positive sign, but we don’t know what the opinions on the merits will look like, and that’s when it really gets to the point whether there’s a flat, sweeping, unequivocal rejection of the lower court opinions that basically talked about what Trump said during the campaign,” Bolton pointed out. READ MORE