Thursday, May 11, 2017

The U.S. Embassy will move to Jerusalem'

Marc Zell, the co-chair of Republicans Overseas in Israel, on Wednesday said there was no truth to the reports that President Donald Trump had decided that the United States Embassy in Israel would remain in Tel Aviv.
"According to my sources, there is no change in the President's policy regarding the moving of the Embassy to Jerusalem, and according to what I know, there is no intention of extending the waiver ordering that the Embassy remain in Tel Aviv," Zell told Arutz Sheva, adding that the Embassy move would happen in a quiet manner.
"I have said more than once in the media that in order for the Embassy to move to Jerusalem, the President simply does not have to do anything. If he does not do anything, then according to the law, the Embassy must move to Jerusalem. I understand that this is the plan and I think it's wise to do it without declarations or ceremonies. Let the American law do the job,” he said, adding that he believes Ambassador David Friedman, who is currently working out of Tel Aviv, will live in and work from Jerusalem.
"The Ambassador is due to arrive here in five days, and I intend to meet him and he will tell us what he intends to do," said Zell.
His remarks came following reports in Israeli media that Trump has already decided to extend the order which prevents the Embassy in Israel from being moved to Jerusalem.
A U.S. source told the Hebrew-language 360 news website that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has already been informed of Trump's decision.
In the interview, Zell also estimated that Trump, during his upcoming visit to Israel, will not try to impose on Israel any peace agreement with the Palestinian Authority. READ MORE