Friday, May 19, 2017

Report: White House furious with Bennett

Senior Trump administration officials are reportedly fuming over comments by an Israeli cabinet minister they say crossed the line.
Following Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s interview with Meet the Press on Sunday, in which Tillerson said the president was carefully weighing the possible implications of moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, Education Minister Naftali Bennett called upon Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu “to make it clear” to the Trump White House that Israel expects the president to make good on his campaign promise to move the embassy.
“I call on the Prime Minister to make it clear that we expect the American government to move the embassy to Jerusalem and to recognize Jerusalem as the united capital of Israel,” Bennett wrote on Twitter.
“Moving the US embassy to the Israeli capital strengthens Israel,” Bennett continued, “and strengthens the changes for a true peace, since any agreement based on the division of Jerusalem is destined to fail.”
“Just like embassies for countries around the world are located in the American capital, Washington, they should be located in Jerusalem, our capital for some 3,000 years.”
White House officials took offense to Bennett’s comments, Channel 2 reported Thursday evening.
According to the report, senior Trump administration officials spoke with their Israeli counterparts to express their frustration with the Israeli Education Minister.
“This is not what we expected from Israel in relation to its ally who is always standing by its side, especially with this friendly administration,” a senior Trump official is quoted as saying. READ MORE