Saturday, May 6, 2017

Report: Iran, Hamas Growing Closer

TEL AVIV – Relations between Hamas and Iran have been growing closer recently, according to the international Saudi publication Al-Hayat, citing Palestinian sources.
The sources cited in the report claim that Hamas’ new politiburo chief in the Gaza Strip, Yehya Senwar, played a crucial role in improving relations, leading to an increase in financial support from Iran for Hamas’ military wing.
Al-Hayat also cited sources in Hamas who said that the organization is interested in developing relations with all Arab and Muslim countries, particularly Iran. The report noted that relations between the two have suffered since 2011, when Hamas adopted the Muslim Brotherhood’s position and supported Syrian groups fighting the regime of Bashar Assad, a key Iranian ally.
The publication also reported that Tehran has adopted a combative stance with the Palestinian Authority amid recent tensions between Hamas and their West Bank rivals – tensions which developed after the PA announced it would reduce money transfers to the Gaza Strip.
According to Al-Hayat, statements from Iranian officials that the Palestinian Authority is strangling the Gaza Strip were rejected by the Palestinian government in the West Bank when a spokesperson for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Nabil Abu Rodeina, claimed that Iran’s statements were false and Iran was deepening the schism between Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. READ MORE