Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Iran unveils 'smart and advanced' rockets

Iran's Revolutionary Guard on Monday held another round of military exercises, during which it launched several sophisticated rockets, The Associated Press reports.

The semi-official Tasnim news agency, considered to be close to the Revolutionary Guard, said the launch of the "smart and advanced" rockets came during an annual three-day maneuver in Iran's central desert.

State TV later showed footage of several rockets launching from the back of trucks in the desert, according to AP.

Gen. Mohammad Pakpour, head of the Revolutionary Guards' ground forces, was quoted as having told the channel that rockets with ranges of more than 100 kilometers (62 miles) as well as the Fajr-3, Fajr-4 and Fajr-5 rockets, all believed to have under 100-kilometer range, were all successfully tested in the exercise.

He further stressed the tests send a message to any of Iran's potential adversaries that "we are ready to give a crushing respond to any threat."

Pakpour is the same Iranian military official who threatened the United States over the weekend, warning American officials to “be wise” and stop threatening Iran with military aggression.

The latest military manoeuvers by Iran come amid tensions between the United States and Iran which began earlier this month which began when the Trump administration imposed new sanctions on Iranian officials. READ MORE