Sunday, February 19, 2017

'Iran knows where the red lines are, if they are drawn clearly'

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir spoke on Sunday at the Munich Security Conference about his country's view on what he called "the main threat" in the Middle East.
Asked what he would want to request from US President Donald Trump, Al-Jubeir said he wants Trump "to assert American leadership, to be engaged with the world, to work with allies, to be a force for good - as America has always been.

"I believe that the Iranians must understand that acting the way they have for the past thirty-five years is not acceptable. I believe that the Iranians must understand that the world will not let them literally get away with murder. And I think when they do, their behavior will change. But so far we haven't seen a change in behavior.

"And so the Iranians have violated the ballistic missile accords. The Iranians have stepped up the tempo of their mischief during their negotiations with the P5+1, and they continued to step it up after the agreement was signed.

"I don't believe that Iran is an irrational actor. I think they're very rational. I think that Iran knows where the red lines are, if the red lines are drawn clearly.

"I don't know where there have been talks about different coalitions. The issue is not physically fighting Iran. We're looking at hoping that Iran will change its behavior so it can become an accepted member of the international community, and become a productive and constructive member of the Middle East.

"We're waiting for the Iranians to do so....until they do this, we will have no choice but to push back against them."