Monday, February 13, 2017

Ignoring warnings, PM already told Trump he favors two states

Reports abound that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu plans to tell US President Donald Trump that he "views with favor" the establishment of a demilitarized Palestinian state alongside Israel. So he reportedly told his Security Cabinet yesterday.

This, despite expert opinions that once it is established, nothing can keep a new Palestinian state from ignoring the requirement that it be demilitarized.

Netanyahu is scheduled to depart for Washington Monday afternoon to meet with Trump for the first time since the president took office, as well as with other American leaders.

Netanyahu reportedly informed the Cabinet that he already told Trump three weeks ago, just two days after Trump's inauguration, that he supports the two-state solution. He added that the Palestinian Authority under Abbas refuses to accept the notion. Trump reportedly replied that he could bring about a "deal."

Though several ministers protested that the Prime Minister should change his stance, he reportedly said that he is already locked into this position. READ MORE