Wednesday, January 25, 2017

MK Yogev: 'They want to topple Netanyahu at any price'

Acting Chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, MK and reserve Col. Moti Yogev said in anticipation of the auditor's report on Operation Protective Edge that he has a bad feeling that political elements are trying to take advantage of the report against the prime minister.

"I did not read the classified report, which was seen by only two in the Knesset who are allowed to read it, and I can not relate to quotes from the newspapers, but according to what happened at the Foreign Affairs and Defense subcommittee during that winter before Protective Edge, I can say that despite the criticism that I heard since the disengagement that no measures have been developed to deal with the tunnel threat - from January 2014 the Prime Minister dealt with this threat very seriously. Even during the operation we met with the Prime Minister frequently and my impression is that Protective Edge was executed properly. I have a feeling that there is a very wide swath of certain people, some openly, some behind the scenes, lying in wait for the prime minister and seeking to bring him down."

Yogev thinks that Operation Protective Edge was meant to be a limited operation, "True, the operation took longer because the tunnel threat was exposed to be greater than we expected, there were dead and missing and that is the nature of war, but my feeling is that the war was run responsibly." READ MORE