Sunday, January 1, 2017

Franklin Graham: Donald Trump Won Election by the ‘Hand of God’

Celebrated evangelical Rev. Franklin Graham says that it was the “hand of God,” rather than Russian hackers, that determined the outcome of November’s presidential election.

“I think maybe God has allowed Donald Trump to win this election to protect this nation for the next few years by giving maybe an opportunity to have some good judges,” he said.
The son of renowned Baptist minister Billy Graham, the Rev. Franklin Graham has been invited by President-elect Trump to be one of six clergy to offer the invocation, benediction, and several readings at his swearing-in ceremony on January 20.
In an interview with Religion News Service Thursday, Graham said that beyond mere human factors, the mysterious hand of divine providence was at work in the elections.
“All I know is Donald Trump was supposed to lose the election” according to all the polls, Graham said.
“For these states to go the way they did, in my opinion, I think it was the hand of God,” he said. “It wasn’t hacking. It wasn’t Wiki-leaky or whatever. It was God, in my opinion, and I believe his hand was at work, and I think he’s given Christians an opportunity.”
While never officially endorsing Trump, Rev. Graham has been a sharp critic of the Obama administration and a vocal opponent of Hillary Clinton, especially for her uncompromising support of abortion-on-demand.

Shortly before Election Day, Graham declared that the best choice for president “isn’t difficult to figure out if you are a Christian,” in evident reference to Republican candidate Donald Trump. READ MORE