Monday, December 12, 2016

Israeli jail becomes war room for terror

Jerusalem's Hashalom Youth Court has filed an indictment against eight Arab youths, accusing them of using their time in jail to organize terror attacks.

The youths are being charged with attacking a police officer, conspiracy, and disrupting the peace, as well as several other crimes.

The eight youths, who are 17-18 years old, are all from the Sur Baher and Al-Issawiya neighborhoods of Jerusalem and spent time in the Megiddo Prison between March 2015 and May 2015.

During their time in the prison, they became friends and began planning future terror attacks to be carried out after their release. The planned attacks included throwing Molotov cocktails and boulders at civilians and security forces.

They also met in the prison library to discuss funding for their planned attacks. One of the youths suggested they save the money they would receive from the Palestinian Prisoners of Israel Club after their release and use it to buy weapons, as well as special shirts for their eight-man cell. This plan was accepted by the other cell members.

The youths also participated in disruption of the peace on the Temple Mount, and used Facebook to encourage others to carry out terror attacks and other acts of violence against Jews.

The arrest warrants of four of the youths note that they are being charged with endangering the lives of others on roads and severely injuring other people, as well as other severe crimes such as throwing boulders at civilians near the entrance to the Jerusalem neighborhood of Armon HaNetziv during November 2013.

As a result of their boulder attack, a two-year-old girl was injured. The youths were then sentenced to 22 months in prison, as well as a probational period.

The Jerusalem District Attorney's office has requested the police arrest the youths until all legal proceedings against them have been completed successfully.