Thursday, December 1, 2016

'Give the IDF Chief Rabbi the authority to act'

The forum of army rabbis in the reserves blessed this morning incoming IDF Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Eyal Karim, whose induction ceremony is set to take place later today at Tel Aviv’s central “Kirya” army base.

“We wish him blessings and success,” the rabbis said. “We hope that [Rabbi Karim] will lead the military rabbinate to new heights, with strength and modesty, in the spirit of King David, [who was both gentle and tough].”

The forum called on rabbis in the wider public to rally around Rabbi Karim: “Rabbi Karim’s acceptance of the position provides an opportunity for all the yeshiva heads to rally around the Chief Rabbi of the IDF, and to see in him the one trustworthy authority for dealing with matters of religious observance in the army, and to thus strengthen the military rabbinate and Jewish matters in the army - preventing the bypassing of the military rabbinate and its resulting weakened status.”

“We are filled with prayer that God will send blessings of success to Rabbi Eyal Karim, a worthy and fitting choice, a Torah scholar of stalwart character and shining countenance, for the Army and for the State of Israel.

“The purpose of the IDF was, and remains, victory in war and defense of the State of Israel - the Jewish State. The military rabbinate will continue to faithfully act towards this purpose, while preserving the Jewish and nationalist character of the Army,” the rabbis concluded.