Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Top 7 Charges Hillary Clinton Could Face While President

1. Perjury: Why not start with a blast from the Clinton past? Hillary Clinton signed documents testifying that she turned over all work-related emails to the State Department, on orders from a federal judge, under penalty of perjury. We already have indisputable proof she violated this sworn statement… thousands of times.
The cloud of false statements under oath surrounding Hillary Clinton is thousands of times thicker than the one around Bill. Democrats seem to have found a hidden clause in the Constitution that says Clintons can never be prosecuted for perjury, but Madame Secretary is really stress-testing that particular privilege of Clintonhood. One would think the federal judiciary had some interest in establishing that sworn documents must be taken seriously.
2. Obstruction of Justice: Bill Clinton’s primary motive for committing perjury was to obstruct justice—it was the second count in his impeachment. (The justice he was obstructing was a sexual harassment suit from Paula Jones, at a time when liberals insisted sexual harassment was the most overlooked, under-prosecuted crime in the legal code.)
Hillary’s thousands of perjury counts are also related to the obstruction of justice. She held back documents she didn’t want Congress to see. She subverted the Freedom of Information Act, which is a law, not a lovely suggestion.  
Most media timelines of the Clinton email scandal are either incomplete or deliberately obtuse, because they almost never accurately relate how her secret server was discovered. For example, these timelines from USA TodayCNN, and ABC News all get it wrong.
Sharyl Attkisson, who was a participant in the story, has an accurate timeline that makes the important point Clinton-friendly media outlets don’t want to talk about: we know about the secret server because the State Department was sued for failing to respond to FOIA requests. The State Department’s official story is that they were surprised to discover Clinton was withholding thousands of documents on her private computer.
That’s straight-up obstruction of justice, in cases involving multiple federal courts, as surely as Bill Clinton’s impeachable offense of obstructing the Paula Jones suit. Clinton may become untouchable if the American people allow her into the White House, but the lawsuits don’t evaporate, and neither do the angry judges.
3. Bribery: After the FBI set off a headline earthquake by re-opening the Clinton email investigation, we learned that several other FBI investigations of Clintonworld have been quietly in progress for some time. One of those investigations is digging into bribery allegations against the Clinton Foundation. The FBI agents working on these cases were reportedly very angry that top Bureau and Justice Department officials were pressuring them to drop their investigations.
The most attention-grabbing of these suspicions concerns an FBI official, Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, whose wife received an inexplicably huge political donation from Clinton bagman Terry McAuliffe, currently the governor of Virginia. The timing of this donation was so convenient that even the Left side of the blogosphere has produced some uneasy speculation that McCabe probably should have recused himself from all things Clinton-related.
Well, he didn’t recuse himself, and the conflicts of interest are so apparent that the lack of a chiseled-in-stone quid pro quo might not be enough to kill this case off. After all, corrupt officials aren’t usually dumb enough to write down their quid pro quo agreements, or repeat them into microphones. The McCabe controversy already has longer legs than most observers expected, when the news first broke. READ MORE