Sunday, November 20, 2016

FBI Warns Of Thanksgiving Terror Potential; Walsh Says No Specific Threat To Boston

Sources tell CBS News the FBI is alerting police across the country about a potential terrorist attack around Thanksgiving.
It specifically warns of homegrown terrorists. Potential targets? Shopping malls, special events, crowded venues–locations in Washington, D.C. and Virginia described as target-rich zones. ISIS’s magazine called New York City’s Macy’s Parade an excellent target.
And potential tactics could include guns, IEDs, or drones equipped with IEDs. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh says there is no specific threat to the Boston area, but it’s good to stay on your toes. “We’re going to have more visibility out on the streets,” Walsh told WBZ-TV Friday. “People are going to see more police officers out there. You know, even during the holiday season, the shopping, we try to put more visibility out there.