Wednesday, October 5, 2016

'Next Lebanon war just a matter of time'

A third war between Israel and Lebanon is just a matter of time, says Brigadier-General Resan Alian.

Speaking to Channel 2’s Roni Daniel, Alian, a member of Israel’s Druze minority and a veteran of the Second Lebanon War, warned that another confrontation with Israel’s neighbor to the north was inevitable, adding that even outside forces, like the Hamas terror group, could spark fighting on Israel’s northern border.

“Events on other fronts could also spark something,” said Alian.

While he is stationed in the north, Alian emphasizes that events on Israel’s southern border have a tremendous impact.

“A lot of things in Gaza are relevant to the Lebanese front: Understanding the enemy and who we are dealing with, his fighting techniques and tactics – things that [the enemy] learns and improves upon.”

One way or another, he added, a third conflict with Lebanon “is just a matter of time.”
Alian also touched on the Druze community in war-torn Syria, saying that while Israel must always focus on its own security, where possible it should also aid members of the minority group suffering from the civil war.

“I expect the State of Israel to do whatever is possible to benefit the people there, in any manner [the state] chooses. I think that the state knows how to make the calculations, and in the end everything ultimately comes down to the question of how to protect Israel’s security.”