Monday, October 3, 2016

Israel will never reach peace deal with PA, 2/3 of Israelis say

Just 29% of Israelis believe Israel, Palestinian Authority will ever reach peace agreement. Just 4% it will be in foreseeable future.

Israel and the Palestinian Authority will never be able to reach a final status agreement, most Israelis believe, with just 1 out of 20 saying such a deal is likely to occur in the foreseeable future.  

Those are the results of a new Midgam poll published on Sunday by Walla News. The study, overseen by Professor Camille Fuchs, surveyed 646 Israelis, both Jews and Arabs.
According to the poll, fewer than a third of Israelis believe Israel and the Palestinian Authority will ever reach a peace treaty.

Just 29% of Israelis believe an agreement is likely to be reached, compared to 64% who say no final status agreement will ever be signed. Even among those who believe that such an agreement can be reached, few think it could happen in the foreseeable future. Just 5% of Israelis feel a final status agreement could be reached in the next five years, compared to 24% who believe that while it is possible, it will take more than five years to reach.(Watch Video)

When diplomacy fails wars begin. The next Mideast war is expected to see about 1500 missiles per day being launched into Israel. It could become an epic biblical war scenario. Could the next Arab-Israeli conflict fulfill the Psalm 83 prophecy?

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