Monday, October 17, 2016

Hamas test-fires long-range rocket into sea off Gaza

The Palestinian terror group Hamas fired at least one long-range missile into the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of the Gaza Strip on Monday morning, in what appeared to be a weapons test.
The booms of detonations could be heard in communities in southern Israel that border the Hamas-ruled territory, Channel 2 reported.
The jihadist group regularly fires rockets as it works to improve its rocket range and accuracy, a little over two years after it last fought Israel. In June, it test-fired dozens of short-range rocketsinside Gaza, with Israeli sources estimating that at least 30 projectiles were launched.
Monday’s test comes some 10 days after two projectile strikes in two days from Gaza on nearby Israeli population centers. The first attack — in which a rocket hit a street in the city of Sderot — caused some damage to nearby homes and cars, but no injuries. Three people were hospitalized for anxiety following the strike. READ MORE