Monday, September 26, 2016

Russia accused of supporting ‘barbarism’ over Syrian conflict

The US accused Russia on Sunday of supporting “barbarism” over the bombing of the Syrian city of Aleppo during an emergency UN Security Council meeting that produced some of the most bitter diplomatic accusations of the five-year-old conflict.

Samantha Power, US ambassador to the UN, said Russian and Syrian forces were “laying waste to what is left of an iconic Middle Eastern city”. Ms Power and her UK and French counterparts later walked out of the session when the Syrian representative addressed the council.
The allegations against Russia, which included claims the Kremlin was condoning war crimes, came as Aleppo was bracing for an onslaught by Russian-backed Syrian government forces.
Following the breakdown of a ceasefire agreement negotiated between Washington and Moscow last week, Aleppo has seensome of the worst aerial bombardment since the war’s outbreak, leaving hundreds dead. READ MORE