Friday, September 16, 2016

Jewish groups decry church councils' anti-'occupation' statement

Two leading Christian groups blamed Israel almost entirely for the conflict with the Arab Palestinians and called on the United States to cut defense aid to the Jewish state.

Jewish organizations slammed the statement Wednesday by The World Council of Churches and The National Council of Churches of Christ, USA, ecumenical groups that represent over 545 million Christians combined. The Christian groups blasted Israel's occupation of what they called "Palestinian lands" and said that Israel kept the residents of Gaza "in prison-like conditions," ignoring the reasons for the blockade that prevents weapons being brought into the area after thousands of rockets were launched from Gaza against innocent Israeli civilians.

The statement, which was released following a two-day conference in Arlington, Virginia, also said the U.S. should nix the negotiated $38 billion aid package to Israel that was made official on Wednesday. READ MORE