Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Turkish aid ship arrives in Gaza after stop in Israel

Lady Leyla aid ship

Turkish aid arrived in Gaza on Monday via Israel, as part of the reconciliation agreement between Turkey and Israel, AFP reported.

Turkish and Palestinian officials welcomed 10 truckloads of supplies, including food parcels, toys and children's clothing and shoes as they reached the impoverished territory in time for the Muslim Eid celebrations on Wednesday marking the end of Ramadan fasting, according to the report.

"These are the first Turkish aid trucks into Gaza," Mustafa Sarnic, Turkey's ambassador to the Palestinian Authority, told a press conference near the Kerem Shalom crossing with Israel.

"Turkey will continue its efforts to help the residents of the Gaza Strip and to help solve the water and power crisis," he added.

The Panama-flagged Lady Leyla container ship docked at southern Israel's Ashdod port on Sunday after sailing from Turkey.

Its contents were unloaded, inspected and sent on to the Hamas-run Gaza Strip. READ MORE