Friday, July 1, 2016

Iranian army: In 25 years Israel will no longer be on the map

Iranian officials continue to verbally attack Israel and wish for its destruction.

On Thursday, Iran's Revolutionary Guards said they envisage a Jerusalem in 25 years from now when “no Israel would be present on the map,"Haaretz reported.

The Iranian military organization made the remarks in a statement quoted by Iran's Mehr news agency.
The Revolutionary Guards also said the organization had devoted “37 years of unremitting support for Palestine” during Ramadan.

“Liberation of the beloved Al-Aqsa Mosque and Palestinians from under the occupation of Zionists by the courage provided by the Islamic Revolution and a globalized approach to systematically fighting dominance and Zionism on International Quds Day, have bestowed upon Resistance Front strength and unflagging spirit which had made of Resistance an iron fist against any compromise with illegitimate regime of criminal Zionists,” the statement said, according to Haaretz. READ MORE