Saturday, July 2, 2016

Christian Dating Site Attacked By LGBT Activists And Suffers The Consequences

Well, since they can't force people to bake the damn cake, at least they can force their will on other things, as LGBT activists turned their crosshairs from bakeries and pastries, to dating sites. is an online dating service centered around a clientele that is...well, Christian. The site holds to Christian beliefs that relationships should occur between a man and a woman. The choices reflect that by not giving you the option of seeking a male if you're a male, or female if you are female.
This angered two gay men who attempted to use it, apparently, and they set out to make the Christian site include homosexual relationships as well.
Religious liberty lost in California, and the site will be making changes to its format to include homosexual relationships. is owned by Spark Networks Inc., which bases itself out of California. The state of California has something called the "Unruh Civil Rights Act" which essentially dictates that any business has to accommodate anyone at any time, even if it violates your religious beliefs. READ MORE