Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Israel doesn’t intervene in Syria war, Netanyahu says in Russia

MOSCOW – Israel does not intervene in the Syrian civil war but will not allow attacks from the country to be launched at Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday, a day after he met Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss Syria and other regional issues.
“You ask about the future of [Israel’s] relations with President [Bashar] Assad? I would ask what is the future of President Assad in general?” Netanyahu told Russian Jewish leaders. “We do not interfere in this issue. We’re making sure that Syria won’t become a launchpad for attacks against Israel.”
Israel would act against Syrian and Iranian forces, and against Hezbollah and other Islamist groups in the region, if it perceived any threat emanating from them, he said. “There are enough enemies. My policy is to take all necessary steps to prevent attacks, and we act from time to time when the need arises.” READ MORE