Wednesday, June 15, 2016

IDF intel chief: Our enemies have no idea how powerful we are

Halevi at Herzliya Conference
Halevi at Herzliya Conference
Adi Cohen Zedek
Major General Herzi Halevi, the head of the IDF's Military Intelligence Directorate, spoke on Wednesday at the 2016 Herzliya Conference. The topic of his talk was "Israel in a Turbulent Middle East: Strategic Review & Intelligence Assessment."

"If our enemies knew our military capabilities they would spare themselves additional conflict."
General Halevi warned Israel's opponents against initiating a conflict, and discussed Israel's challenges and opportunities in today's Middle East.

"I would like to describe the rules of the game in the Middle East," he began. "There are a lot of people who live in the Middle East with no electricity. Looking at the GDP per capita or unemployment rates it is noticeable that very big gaps have formed between us and our neighbors. It should not make us happy - a poor Middle East is a hotbed for terrorist organizations. READ MORE