Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Al Qaeda tells terrorists to target whites, 'avoid minorities'

Scene of the Orlando attackIn the most recent issue of a magazine published by Al Qaeda, the worldwide terror group called for terrorists perpetrating 'lone wolf' attacks to "avoid targeting places where minorities are found".
Recent events have shown that terrorists do not need to be in contact with, or commanded by, organized and established terror groups to do a lot of damage. 

'Lone wolf' attacks, as they're often termed, are carried out by people inspired by the ideas espoused by terrorist groups, while not being operationally associated with them.

In this magazine issue, instructions, suggestions and criticisms are offered to the potential lone wolf terrorist. There is a special focus on the US, where Omar Mateen carried out his lone wolf shooting attack. Among the instructions is a directive about precisely which segment of the US population to attack. 

The terrorist writer appropriates some left-wing ideas about minority groups being especially oppressed in America. READ MORE