Monday, May 23, 2016

Wild US election fascinates, worries Iran after nuclear deal

After decades of officially-imposed detachment from the "Great Satan," Iranians are this time transfixed by the wild U.S. presidential campaign, mindful that the next White House occupant could have direct impact on their lives.
At the heart of the matter is last year's deal with world powers, which eased the country's isolation and removed many economic sanctions in exchange for a curtailing of the Iran's nuclear program. Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump has bitterly criticized the accord, which is rather popular here, and says he would rework it.
Iran and America have not restored the official diplomatic ties that were cut after the 1979 Islamic Revolution and U.S. Embassy takeover. But the high stakes — combined with Iranian state media's renewed attention to news from the West — have made the election the talk of barbershops, living rooms and street corners. "It reminds me of fighting between heavyweight boxers for a championship — with a lot of boasting," said Reza Piltan, an electrical engineer who has been following the campaign. (Read More)