Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Kenneth Bae Memoir: Former Captive Gives Witness to Jesus in Godless North Korea

Kenneth Bae has held the hand of God.

The American Christian missionary — who spent over 700 days as a captive of the North Korean communist regime — says the Holy Spirit held his hand through an “interrogation” exercise. He saw “something sparkling like gold dust” before hearing the voice of God explain: “The Holy Spirit is holding your hand. You are not alone.”

Bae’s new book, Not Forgotten, is a powerful and unique look at his time in North Korea, from his arrest over running a secret missionary operation in the north of the country to his days working in a labor camp after his conviction. It is unique because it is a Christian testimony, in which Bae explicitly refers to supernatural incidents during his captivity that ensured his safety and kept hope for his release alive. He credits Jesus for the limited time he spend in prison; he had been sentenced to serve 15 years. READ MORE