Friday, May 6, 2016

Comeback time? ISIS captures major gas field in Syria

Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists on Thursday captured a major gas field in eastern Syria, marking the first territorial expansion for the jihadists in the Palmyra desert area since they lost the ancient city in March.
ISIS seized the main Shaer gas field, according to rebel sources and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights as cited by Reuters.

The Amaq news agency affiliated with ISIS said they took over the gas field from Syrian regime troops, killing at least 30 of them and seizing large stockpiles of heavy weapons such as tanks and missiles in the process.

That seizure was confirmed by the Syrian Observatory monitor group, which noted the field lies around 150 kilometers (over 90 miles) northwest of Palmyra, and added that ISIS conquered the field after three days of fighting and despite regime air support targeting them. (Read More)